This bespoke course covers:

  • Navigate complexity of healthcare
  • Design Thinking for healthcare solutions
  • Business Model Validation & Measurement
  • Change and Workforce implications
  • Compelling solution pitch


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Healthcare Innovation

A bespoke course on Healthcare Innovation is designed for healthcare organisations looking to unlock opportunity for sustainable change.

Tailored for healthcare leaders, professionals and all seeking practical strategies for sustainable change. Over one or two days, this program equips teams with the skills to shift from traditional approaches to innovative strategies, enhancing both cultural and commercial outcomes.

The course focuses on:

  • Fundamental principles of healthcare innovation, emphasising rapid ideation, evaluation, and implementation of concepts.
  • Human-centered design thinking, empathy mapping, and prototyping to improve patient care and outcomes.
  • Strategies to navigate healthcare system complexities, future trends, and specialised areas such as like aged and indigenous care.

Participants gain the tools to:

  • Apply design thinking to healthcare challenges.
  • Understand and leverage healthcare innovation complexities.
  • Assess the desirability, feasibility, and viability of healthcare solutions.

This course offers a concise pathway to fostering an innovation-driven culture in healthcare organisations, preparing participants to adapt and succeed in a dynamic healthcare environment.

Practical Content

1. Introduction to Healthcare Innovation

– Understanding the complexity of Healthcare Systems

– Future Trends in Health and Technology

– Funding models in healthcare

– Person-Centred and Integrated Care approaches

– Complexities in Aged Care, Disability and Indigenous Care

2. Design Thinking in Healthcare

– Human-Centred Design Approach

– Gathering Patient Data and Feedback

– Focus on Patient Experience

– Process of Design Thinking for healthcare

– Empathy and Journey Mapping for complex health issues

– Ideation, Prototyping, and Testing

3. Measurement and Assumption testing

– Creating a Business Model Canvas

– Identifying Assumptions made within Health solutions

– Feasibility, Desirability, and Viability Testing

– Risk Identification

4. Change implications

– Change implications for Healthcare systems

– Change principles for Clinical workforce

– Regulatory Considerations

5. Delivering compelling presentations

– Pitching your ideas to healthcare decision makers

Practical Content

  • All programs are designed in conjunction with each healthcare organisation’s needs
  • Content is covered in both one and two day courses with the two day courses delving deeper and can focus on solution design and speciality needs
  • Courses are designed for 12-20 participants

Healthcare Innovation

Driving change in the healthcare industry

Led by industry expert Jodie Granger, Healthcare Innovated (HCI) turns ideas into strategy, and strategy into fully implemented, sustainable solutions.

Jodie brings 14 years of experience as a Senior Executive in Strategy and Innovation for Medibank to help healthcare organisations solve complex problems, faster.

Jodie Granger, CPA, GAICD, PGDID

With a near 20-year career in healthcare, Jodie Granger is an expert in healthcare innovation.

She’s known for her impactful work in developing new models of care and incorporating digital technologies into healthcare practices.

Jodie has a Post Graduate Diploma in Innovation and Design Thinking gained via MIT Sloan, Columbia and Tuck Business Schools .

Jodie is a dedicated educator in Healthcare Design at RMIT Online and a mentor and coach for the CSIRO ON Accelerate programs. Her passion lies in transforming the healthcare experience, aiming for enhanced outcomes at lower costs.

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