About Healthcare Innovated

Driving change in the healthcare industry.

Led by industry expert and CPA Jodie Granger, Healthcare Innovated (HCI) turns ideas into strategy, and strategy into fully implemented, sustainable solutions.

Jodie brings 14 years of experience as a Senior Executive in Strategy and Innovation for Medibank to help healthcare organisations solve complex problems, faster.

What we do



Let us identify ways to
create new service models
that improve workflow,
efficiency, customer care
and financial results.



We will co-design
the fastest ways
to create more
stakeholder value.



Work with us to
implement real,
meaningful and
scalable change.

HCI Mission, Vision and Values
HCI Mission, Vision and Values
HCI Mission
HCI Mission


To transform healthcare
through innovation, empathy
and excellence – because
care deserves more.

HCI Vision
HCI Vision


We see a world where
everyone has access to the
best healthcare possible –
because care deserves more.

HCI Values
HCI Values


Improve care.
Have fun.

Jodie’s story

Everyone deserves access to the best possible healthcare.

Growing up, I experienced firsthand how chronic disease and mental health issues impact families and communities. Because my family and I had little knowledge or support when it came to navigating the healthcare system and accessing the resources we needed, we sadly lost two close family members to mental health problems.

My brother passed away in his twenties. This devastating event gave me the determination to make a genuine difference in the healthcare industry. After writing many letters to ministers and key influencers, I recognised the need for change at a systems level. This prompted me to begin my career in health by taking on a position as an Operations Manager at Health Services Australia. In this role, I oversaw a team of specialists, nurses and allied healthcare professionals and developed an in-depth understanding of their challenges.

When Health Services Australia merged with Medibank, I moved into strategy and innovation. This gave me the opportunity to develop and lead new models of care that were focused on improving outcomes and experience, whilst simultaneously reducing cost.

Now, with over a decade of hands-on experience behind me as well as extensive training in innovation and design thinking, I help large and small organisations to navigate transformation and innovation in healthcare.

My brand strives to break down barriers, transform the status quo and provide innovative solutions, with the vision of empowering organisations to provide individuals, families, and communities with access to the care that everyone deserves.